Tim Terry -Secretary

Tim Terry

Since leaving prison in September 2002, Terry, 46, has devoted his time to faith-based programs designed to keep South Carolina convicts from returning to prison after their release. His current passion is establishing a nation-wide program through FreshStart Vision to show the world that God is truly the God of reconciliation.
He is using Christian faith and his life experiences to show inmates how to become successful after being released from prison. He believes that reconciliation to God, family, and community is key to that success. It is like building a bridge from the inside to the outside world by becoming a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen.
God has restored back all the broken relationships Tim destroyed years ago with his children and family. He is married to Jennifer who is also passionate about prison ministry. His daughter Jacolyn and grandson Ty love helping tell the story of redemption and forgiveness when opportunity knocks.