About Us

FreshStart Visions is a Christian organization through which pastors and ex-offenders volunteer their time to help inmates. Terry, the founder, said he believes teaching Biblical principles to prisoners substantially lowers the rate at which ex-convicts return to prison. As a matter of fact he received recently the data from prison officials that this process has a 4.9 % recidivism rate from 2010-2016.

FreshStart Visions was designed for inmates who are within one-three years of release. Terry said inmates believe in this program because it allows them to share their feelings and concerns, and work on establishing why they came to prison and learn how to establish a closer relationship with God so He can heal them from their past and make plain to them how much He loves them and introduce them to His plan and purpose so they can really understand what life is and go onto to become law abiding, tax paying citizens. He is excited to see which state will be next in establishing this dream and vision God put in his heart.