Through community collaboration we help ex-offenders re-enter society successfully.

Mission Statement


We are at work in prisons preparing men and women for a return to society.

We are on the outside in the community making a place for ex-offenders to transition successfully into productive lives.

We seek the jobs, housing and mentoring to offer those being released, and provide the support needed to help each ex-offender succeed, and not return to prison. We will work from state to state, until every person in America’s prisons begins to have real hope for a successful re-entry, and reintegration into life in our society.

 2019 Fundraising Match

   Please help!  Our program successes have brought the demand for increased reentry support. Thanks to generous donors, we will receive $100,000 for program expansion, but we must MATCH that gift.  Please help us raise our matching portion so the entire $200,000 can be used to upgrade housing and provide job placement.                        

 Please donate today. 

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