Our founder, Tim Terry served 15 years in prison himself, where he witnessed the harsh revolving door of recidivism. Tim decided to create a program that addressed the critical factors that fuel recidivism: lack of housing, lack of jobs, and lack of a moral compass/faith.

FreshStart Visions Program highlights:

  • Men who participate in our “inside”program, Men in Transition, attend several semester long classes that focus on character traits needed to secure and maintain employment; 

  • Men in Transition graduates are eligible for transitional housing upon release for up to 1 year, where they live in a pro-social environment that requires abstinence from  drugs/alcohol, learning life skills, money management, and participation in counseling. 

  • We partner with local businesses in the communities we serve, with the goal of all residents maintaining employment. 

FreshStart Visions was designed for inmates who are within one-two years of release. Inmates believe in this program because it allows them to share their feelings and concerns, consider the behaviors that led to their incarceration, and learn how to establish a closer relationship with God, while preparing for a successful re-entry.