After release, men who desire real life change can enter the FreshStart transitional housing and employment program.  Our staff encourages participants to face their emotions, not suppress or run away from them. Community volunteers provide important support for these men by volunteering to mentor them in one-on-one sessions. This approach grants the residents an outlet for opening up while also receiving advice on navigating life outside of prison.

Many FreshStart program participants grew up without a healthy parental figure in their life. Mentors give the men a safe space to feel heard, to feel important, and to develop a relationship with someone who truly cares – all basic human needs.  A positive mentoring relationship, has the potential to save a man from re-offending and returning to prison.

No certification is required to be a mentor. We provide training before mentors are matched with a resident. Skills needed for mentoring include…

  • Active listening
  • Engaging
  • Encouraging
  • Building of Trust 
  • Positivity

For more information on how you can volunteer or mentor with FreshStart Visions, please contact us at 843-200-4630 or at